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Unleash Rapid Workforce Agility: Scale Up, Flex, and Drive Productivity with TMI

Need to ramp up your team fast or inject instant expertise into a hot project? Or seamlessly adjust capacity to meet evolving demands? TMI Staffing solution is the right choice unleashing workforce agility and supercharging productivity.

We are India’s trusted partner for scalable staffing solutions, empowering businesses like yours to outpace challenges and seize opportunities! For decades, we’ve been India’s forefront leader in workforce staffing, trusted by clients across diverse sectors.

We are one of India’s first organizations in the workforce staffing space. We provide contractual or temporary staff to companies across various sectors. We have more than 1,000+ client locations across 659 cities and towns. Apart from the standard compliance, grievance redressal and payroll management, TMI also manages the attendance & productivity of the staffed workforce.

For some of our customers, we have been the go-to staffing partner for more than 8 years in a row. If all your temporary staffing numbers are with one staffing company, it will make absolute business sense to diversify and pilot with us to get a cost advantage and mitigate risk.

Why Choose TMI

Hassle-Free Flexi-Staffing

Are you tired of inefficient hiring processes and the pain of managing temporary staff? TMI Network streamlines the entire process. We manage every aspect of staffing to ensure a hassle-free and productivity-enhancing experience for you. We do more than just staffing. We seamlessly handle

Skilled Teams

TMI offers complete staffing solutions for you. 

  • Recruitment & Induction
  • Manning
  • Performance Tracking
  • Payroll Management
  • Compliance

Ditch the Reactive, Embrace the Proactive

Forget the frustration of endless recruitment cycles and managing temp staff logistics with TMI. We become your proactive workforce partner. We automate the heavy lifting, seamlessly handling:

Addressing Gender Mandates with Confidence

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also a strategic advantage for you. With TMI as your partner, achieving gender mandates becomes a smooth and strategic process, opening doors to a wider talent pool and unlocking the full potential of your diverse workforce.

Our extensive talent pool spans across genders, ensuring we can readily source qualified female candidates to meet your specific requirements with

Technology Platform – clan

Our staffing solutions come with a solid technology platform -clan. With clan, you can:


DARTS is India’s first performance tracking tool designed specifically for your frontline workforce which goes beyond traditional metrics. We believe data-driven insights and continuous actionable feedback are the need of the hour.

DARTS enables the Frontline Workforce to get:

DARTS empowers their reporting managers by giving them:

DARTS is more than just a tool, it’s a partnership.

Diversify and Gain

Breaking reliance on a single staffing partner unlocks:

Pilot Our Power

Ready to experience the TMI difference? Contact us today to explore a customized pilot program tailored to your specific needs.

Ready to experience the TMI difference? Contact us today to explore a customized pilot program tailored to your specific needs.

Staffing Solutions Across The Functions

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