HR solutions for the New Work Spaces

Workspace has changed and is changing at a very fast pace. Technology is impacting people management more than ever before. Data and analytics are driving recruiting, performance management, and training. Content and Knowledge management have become critical components in organizations’ capacity-building process.

TMI Group companies – TMI Network, C&K Management & TMIe2E Academy, fulfill every HR need of every organization. Performance hiring, Content & Knowledge Management, and Training services are delivered seamlessly by TMI Group.

TMI’s unique HTD Solution – Hire, Train and Deploy – helps companies build capacities faster and in a cost-effective manner.

Performance Hiring Solutions

Don’t just hire people; hire performance. Based on insights and experience in working with many clients across different sectors, markets and locations, TMI has developed People Performance Management Solutions (PPMS). Based on rich data analytics, PPMS helps organizations recruit the right people for the right role.

Using the power of people performance data TMI develops custom hiring solutions that reduce attrition, lowers HR costs, and increase people performance. TMI has built CLAN, the first and only digital, peer learning, ROLE MASTERY Mobile platform for Front Line Executives and Managers (FLEM).

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Content & Knowledge Services

Capacity building is driven through content & knowledge. Learning Management Systems, portals, custom applications, and assessment engines along with knowledge management and skill assessments help you build a robust and agile organization.

C&K Management brings two decades of excellence in organizational capacity building to meet your need.

Partner with us to build organizations that thrive and grow.

International Placements

The respect and recognition for India’s IT talent are well known. Beyond the US, there are opportunities across the world for talented IT candidates.

To meet and match the requirements of international corporations and the aspirations of India’s IT talent, TMI has launched an international placements division focused on non-US markets.

TMI has partnered with some of the best top recruiting companies in Germany, Japan, and the UK to open new vistas for India’s talent.

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Training Services

From the classroom to the workshop to online, TMI brings you solutions that meet all your training needs.

Be it your sales team training or your CSR initiatives we build training solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. The prestigious awards we won for the training programs we implemented stand testimony to the impact they deliver.

TMIe2E Academy has impacted over 300,000 learners to learn, grow and earn.  

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