Recruitment Partners

TMI Network is a recruitment solution provider to large corporations in India and internationally. You as a partner will support the talent-sourcing efforts to fulfill the client’s mandate.

You will be expected to tap into your talent pool to match the requirements and work closely with the TMI Network team during the recruitment process as per agreed norms.

Onboarding Partners

TMI Network offers pre-boarding and onboarding services to its client. As a partner, you will assist our team in requirement gathering, interview scheduling, documentation, and other services as required for smooth pre-boarding & onboarding as per the norms & practices of the client.

Strict confidentiality and reliability apart from relevant domain expertise are the main criteria for selection as an onboarding partner.

BGV – Background Verification Partners

Background verification is a very critical aspect of hiring. Our BGV partners help us in checking the antecedents of the candidate through a confidential and legal verification of the individual’s background.

TMI Network places great emphasis on compliance norms of the recruiting organizations and individual privacy concerns which BGV partner needs to ensure.

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