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Jobs in Hyderabad

Nestled in the heart of Telangana, Hyderabad is a city where tradition meets innovation. Its rich history is reflected in the majestic Charminar and the opulent Golconda Fort. Yet, Hyderabad is also a buzzing IT hub, with companies like Google and Microsoft setting up shop in the hi-tech city. Its vibrant street food scene, especially the iconic Hyderabadi Biryani, tantalizes taste buds from around the world.

Explore job opportunities in Hyderabad, a burgeoning IT hub with a thriving pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Major companies like Google and Microsoft have established their presence here, offering exciting career prospects in technology. The city's rich cultural heritage and historic landmarks add to its charm, making it an attractive destination for job seekers seeking a dynamic work environment.

Jobs in Hyderabad are primarily in prominent sectors such as Information Technology (IT), ITeS, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and Tourism. The city has emerged as a major IT hub in India, with companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon establishing their presence here. Its Genome Valley is a hub for biotech research and development, attracting both domestic and international investments. Hyderabad's pharmaceutical industry is robust, with companies like Dr Reddy's Laboratories and Aurobindo Pharma leading the way in drug manufacturing and exports.

Additionally, the city's rich cultural heritage and historic landmarks like Charminar and Golconda Fort make it a popular tourist destination, contributing significantly to its economy.

Living in Hyderabad

Hyderabad topped all other Indian cities in the Quality of Living City Ranking for 2023 by Mercer. Outside the 2 months of scorching summer months of April and May, Hyderabad boasts of a salubrious climate throughout the year with cool winter and pleasant spring seasons.

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