Contingency Hiring

Contingency Hiring – Recruit When You Need

Flexible recruitment for unexpected staffing needs and fluctuations.

Large Talent Pool

  • 10 Lakh+ Talent Pool.
  • Multiple locations & skillsets.
  • Database updated frequently for better selections.

Experienced Team

  • Highly skilled & experienced recruiting team.
  • Multiple locations across India.
  • Vast network of recruiting partners who help us source faster.
  • Robust recruitment processes honed over decades of hiring insights.

Advantage You

  • Contingency mandates across multiple industries – BFSI, manufacturing, retail, IT, FMCG, FMCD, etc.
  • From leadership to frontline executives, we have met the contingency hiring needs of our clients.

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Meet TMI’s Contingency Hiring Expert

Simplifying HR. Amplifying Business.

Niharika Chandrasekhar
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, TMI Group

Niharika is a seasoned Sales professional over two decades of experience driving results across diverse industries. Currently, she spearheads both the Talent Augmentation practice TMI Network and Sales & Marketing for the TMI Group. Her life beyond work includes her passion for writing, networking, travelling and being a happy mom to her two daughters.


1. What is contingency hiring?

Contingency hiring is a recruitment model where employers pay a fee to the recruitment agency only when a candidate recommended by the agency is successfully hired. This model provides a risk-free option for employers as they only incur costs upon successful placement.

2. How does TMI Network’s contingency hiring process work?

TMI Network’s contingency hiring process involves understanding the employer’s specific staffing needs, sourcing and screening potential candidates, presenting qualified candidates to the employer, and coordinating interviews. The employer pays a fee only if they hire one of the candidates presented by TMI Network.

3. What industries does TMI Network specialize in for contingency hiring?

TMI Network specializes in a variety of industries including IT, healthcare, BFSI, finance, manufacturing, and more. Our extensive network and industry-specific expertise enable us to source top talent tailored to your unique needs.

4. What are the benefits of using TMI Network’s contingency hiring services?

Access to a large pool of qualified candidates, reduced hiring risk and cost, efficient and fast recruitment processes, and professional support throughout the hiring cycle.

5. How long does the contingency hiring process typically take?

The duration of the contingency hiring process can vary depending on the complexity of the role and the availability of suitable candidates. However, TMI Network strives to present qualified candidates within a few weeks of receiving the job requirements. Our goal is to make the process as swift and efficient as possible to meet your hiring needs promptly.