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Meet TMI’s On Boarding Solutions Expert

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Niharika Chandrasekhar
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, TMI Group

Niharika is a seasoned Sales professional over two decades of experience driving results across diverse industries. Currently, she spearheads both the Talent Augmentation practice TMI Network and Sales & Marketing for the TMI Group. Her life beyond work includes her passion for writing, networking, travelling and being a happy mom to her two daughters.


1. What are onboarding solutions?

Onboarding solutions are services designed to facilitate the smooth integration of new employees into an organization. This includes activities and processes that help new hires acclimate to their roles, understand company culture, complete necessary paperwork, and get up to speed quickly and effectively.

2. How does TMI Network’s onboarding process work?

TMI Network’s onboarding process involves a structured approach that starts with pre-boarding activities, such as sending welcome packets and necessary documentation to new hires. It continues with orientation sessions, training programs, mentorship assignments, and regular check-ins to ensure new employees feel supported and engaged during their transition.

3. What are the benefits of using TMI Network’s onboarding solutions?

The benefits of using TMI Network’s onboarding solutions include faster integration of new hires, improved employee retention, enhanced productivity, and a more positive overall experience for new employees. Effective onboarding helps new hires feel valued and connected to the organization from day one.

4. How can TMI Network customize the onboarding process for my organization?

TMI Network customizes the onboarding process by understanding the specific needs and culture of your organization. We tailor our onboarding programs to align with your company’s values, policies, and procedures, ensuring that new hires receive relevant information and training that supports their success in their new roles.

5. What types of training programs are included in TMI Network’s onboarding solutions?

TMI Network’s onboarding solutions include a variety of training programs such as job-specific training, soft skills development, compliance and regulatory training, and technology or systems training. These programs are designed to equip new hires with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their roles effectively and confidently.