Case Studies

JOJOE – Hiring for Dealerships of India’s Leading Automobile Manufacturer

The client

The client is part of one of India’s largest conglomerates with a rich history. It is one of India’s MNCs with operations across many countries. In India, it has a presence in many sectors – automobiles, finance, retail, manufacturing, and more.

HR Challenge

The client hires 2000 personnel annually distributed across 65+ locations in South & East India on dealers’ payrolls. Inconsistency in job titles, salary structure, lack of clarity in employment terms, incentives, PF, etc. This lead to low employee engagement, high attrition, low productivity, etc. The objective was to standardize the norms and attract the right talent using the brand’s attractiveness.

Engagement Highlights

The processes, recruitment criteria, job titles, job descriptions, incentive structures, etc were standardized. Candidate sourcing, interviews, and final selection were done in association with the dealers.

Built a Dealer Portal for an overall picture of the hiring status. Reduced turnaround time – closing positions within 7 days of flagging. Warm Pipeline – dealers getting candidates on demand.


The activity was for a duration of 2 months.

Value to the client

Attracted the right talent for the dealers and positions were closed in 7 days of raising recruitment through a healthy pipeline.