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Our Values

Twenty two years of being in business has not been easy. We have had our shares of ups and downs, struggles and achievements. Through it all, we have realised one fact – that only personal integrity helps tide over adversity. We have kept our business philosophy very simple – be fair and ethical in our association with our employees, our candidates and our clients. We have earned the respect, goodwill and sustained relationship with all our stakeholders because our thought process, our beliefs and our actions are governed by our value systems.

Our Vision and Values

  • Objective
  • Passionate
  • Learning
  • Pride
  • Timeliness
  • Respect for People

Our Value Offering to Candidates

Hierarchies are for bureaucracies and governments
Direction is not something we get. It is something we evolve with our bosses. That is why we bypass our boss if he/she is not able to add value. Hierarchies are stumbling blocks to innovation and our culture does not allow that.

Mediocre success should be punished and failure rewarded
That is why we have been able to learn from our failures and develop business strategies and models that help us remain competitive in turbulent times.

We are employed as adults
We take ownership for all our actions and decisions. We have the right to a viewpoint and the right to disagree, as long as we apply our mind before we air our views.

'AND' not 'OR' is our approach to responsibilities
That is why every one of our associates handles multiple tasks, wears different hats and plays in cross-functional teams.

Everyone of us is a knowledge worker
That's why we take responsibility for our own learning and knowledge and competency enhancement.

All our associates have autonomy
Since we are treated as knowledge workers, we take responsibility for outcomes and have the autonomy to seek the resources. We, and we alone, are accountable for the quality and quantity of our contribution.

Continuous learning is the key to productivity
Learning is most effective when mistakes are shared. Especially, when learning and mentoring are practiced simultaneously.

That men and women on our teams are equals
All our associates get equal opportunities for growth and put in the same hours as any-body else. We share all the benefits and the pain of working in a new economy company.

That a deadline is as sacrosanct as the actual job
Nobody's time is more precious than our client's. We only sleep when he sleeps. In an economy that changes by the minute, one is judged by how well they meet their commitments.

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